4T Consultoria en Tecnologia, S.C.: More about Templates

Surrounding the content of your website, is the template. The template features the "design" and overall look of your website. With 2MExpress, you can easily change the template of your website, with just a click of the mouse.

Changing templates

Want to change the look of your site? Simply use the dropdown box labeled "Templates" in the Express bar to select the desired template. Once you have chosen a template, click the select button.

Editing templates

If you like the look of one of our pre-made templates, but want to add your own personal flair or make modifications to it, you can edit the template. Simply click the icon in the express panel, and click Templates on the left hand side of the popup box. Then select the template you wish to edit, and click the clone template button.

Now select the template from lower list, and click the edit button. You may now edit the template in the same WYSIWYG environment that you edit text in. Donít forget to click save!

Creating Templates

To create a brand new template from scratch, follow the same process as editing templates (listed above). Once you are in the WYSIWYG editor, remove everything, and start creating. A guide of template codes and syntax can be found at the 2MExpress official help site.


IntroducingÖ Dynamic Templates!

2MExpress is the first website builder that gives you the ability to create dynamic templates that change with each page group. (Sounds high tech, eh?) Letís imagine you run a fashion website, and want to change the color of the design between the Men section and the Women section. With 2MExpress, this is completely possible. See our official help site for more information.

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